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About Lough Ennell

Lough Ennell is situated to the right of the Mullingar to Kilbeggan Rd, 4 miles south of Mullingar, Co. Wesmeath, Ireland.

The Lough is approximately 4.5 miles long by 2 miles wide, with an area of about 3540 acres. A dominant feature of this Lough is its huge area of shallow water. Nearly two - thirds of its area is less than 25 feet and almost half of it is under 10 ft deep. It is a high pH (7.5) with the potential to produce vast quantities of fish food and to carry big numbers of trout. In recent years the average size of trout has been nearly 2lbs, and 3 pounders are taken frequently. The largest fish taken in recent years exceeded 6lbs. Lough Ennell produced Irelands largest ever lake brown trout at 26lbs.

Fishing Reports

Inland Fisheries Ireland provide angling updates for Lough Ennell Irish Angling Update - Lough Ennell

Catchment Management

Lough Ennell Trout Preservation Association recognises the importance of looking after our water environment and wants to work in partnership with businesses, landowners and agencies as much as possible.

Some aims include:

  • Developing a catchment management plan with relevant partners
  • Improving and protecting the ecological health of feeder streams and the lake
  • Restoring natural processes to maintain good water quality and resilient, varied habitats supporting healthy fish populations

To get in touch or for further information on our catchment management work please email: loughennellcatchment@gmail.com