Lough Ennell Competitions Lough Ennell Gallery Whitebridge Bay


Competition Dates 2019

Rex Beaumont Cup (Sunday 26th May 11am to 7pm)

Jimmy Nea Cup (Friday 19th July 7pm to 11pm)

Lough Ennell Perpetual Cup (Sunday 25th August 11am to 7pm)

O'Malley Cup (Sunday 22nd September 11am to 7pm)

Christy Sleator Perpetual Cup (Sunday 29th September 11am to 7pm)

Con Hope Perpetual Cup (Pike) (July 7th 11am to 5pm)

List of Sponsors

  • Jack Sleator
  • David O'Malley
  • Con Hope
  • Friends of Rex Beaumont
  • Brendan McKeever
  • Caffreys Bar
  • Martin Hope
  • Robbies Tyres
  • Tom Gorman Autos